4 Reasons Why You NEED Visual Data Analytics

Business Intelligence(BI) is a trendy term that is circulating in the world of Facility Management Operations and CMMS products. But, just what does that entail and why do you need it? 

Situational Awareness

Imagine the ability to update situational awareness at a glance and view metrics in context so that you can quickly tell if there’s a problem or not.  Visual Data Analytics Programs like FacilityONE’s SMARTPRINT Alpha™ offer this awareness with simple charts and coloring– making it easy to read and analyze. Most importantly the charts will be up to date every time you view them.

Goal Tracking

The value of a compass is simple. You have a visual idea of where you are and have a reference point for where you need to go.  Being able to compare facility performance against KPI indicators or other goals and drive process change—well that is just downright invaluable, like having a compass in a desert!  Pulling together custom metrics so that they paint a picture of the past and of the future is what a strong Visual Data Analytics platform will do best.

Compliance Monitoring

A major part of most compliance requirements is preventative maintenance (PM). Since PM information can be stored within a CMMS, it is thereby easy to analyze, especially with visuals. When reviewing PM data, managers can break it down by type of work done, employee, area, or other metrics, and make necessary changes. For example, by determining why certain PMs weren’t completed on time, they could take steps to drive process changes within the organization to make sure that the due dates are properly met. Having a visual representation within your CMMS allows for another dimension of monitoring your compliance efforts.Of course you could track this info through a spreadsheet, but by plotting the data over time, in a visual environment, it’s much easier to see patterns and trends than just looking at values in a spreadsheet.

Budget Planning

Capital planning is a crucial part of any Operations department. Being able to track information on your assets, such as Install Date, Life Expectancy, Revenue Risk, Replacement Cost has plenty of value. But, the ability to visualize and interact with that information to help drive justification of capital allotment is a real world value that cannot be understated. The FacilityONE SMARTPRINT Alpha Business Analytics Platform puts this power in your hands.

Visualizing your data allows you to make decisions quicker and that is what is commonly referred to as efficiency! Contact sales@facilityone.com today to see how we can start bringing your data in to vision with SMARTPRINT Alpha!