4 Tips For Using A CMMS To Make Your Facilities Flourish

Presented by FacilityONE®

A Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS) can make life easier for both administrators and facility managers in myriad ways. To carry your facilities on the path to operational fitness, consider the following:

  1. Safety First!

From attaching digital files of safety records, to annotating evacuation plans, to automating safety inspections with work order documentation… a CMMS can help save so many headaches when planning for compliance and emergency preparedness plans. Being able to attach pictures or documents to a particular asset in an interactive blueprint as well as having the ability to create annotation layers allows for the documentation of everything from evacuation routes to smoke compartments. Even more, in the event of an emergency, the quick access to your critical asset data and safety plans can prevent loss of life, property, and revenue.

2. The future is great! Automate!

The presence of a preventative maintenance program is a preventative maintenance tool for your operations! Efficiently scheduling preventive maintenance tasks is an optimal way to streamline workflow and help reduce the likelihood of equipment failure. If you have equipment items or inspections that are needed daily, quarterly, or even by a season, a CMMS can automate those tasks and generate work orders instantly. The investment of time to set up the initial processes will show you a return in efficiency that can be visually measured through reporting and most importantly—on your bottom line.

3. Go Green– Ditch the paper!

The world is ever moving to becoming paperless. While there are still some things that just plain need paper, your work order management doesn’t have to be one of them. With the ability to create, edit, and close work orders on wi-fi enabled mobile devices, a cloud-based CMMS can put the workflow process in your hands and take the pen and paper away. From collecting data on employee hours, to material costs, to equipment serviced, a robust work order management system allows your workflow to move smoothly without any paper involved.

4. When Size Matters– Measure it!

Think about the last time you had to install flooring of any kind. Think of the time it took for someone to measure the area of each room and each odd angle. If it is not taking up the time of your staff, it is most certainly taking up the time of a flooring company to come out and get measurements—all which equates to money. What if you could simply use your desktop or mobile device to quickly measure the space of an entire wing of a building and send a snapshot to the flooring company? A powerful CMMS will offer this capability and having a Measurement Tool is one of its most efficient features.

Quick access to critical facility information, workflow efficiency, consistent preventative maintenance scheduling, robust reporting– all of these practices lead to a significant return on investment—both in the well-being of your facilities and in your bottom line. FacilityONE offers a cloud-based CMMS providing all of the features listed above with its SMARTPRINT® interactive blueprint technology, user-friendly work order management system, and robust reporting capabilities. Whichever CMMS that you may use, be sure it leads you on the path to Operational Fitness!