4 Undeniable Reasons You Need SMARTPRINT® Technology

It’s no secret that visual asset management is key to efficient operations and is often part of any robust CMMS. But, not all software is created equally. Having the ability to have all the critical information about the assets and equipment in your facility and have it talk to your work order management system? That’s hard to find. Having it all seamlessly operating together in the palm of your hand? That’s SMARTPRINT Technology.

Here are 3 quick reasons, and 1 long one, that you need SMARTPRINT Technology in your life:

1. Quick Action Needs Quick Access


With SMARTPRINT Technology, you can store critical asset information such as pictures, serial numbers, warranty details, O&M manuals, ID tags, even hyperlinks to online manuals and PM procedures. The best part is that this can be easily accessed from your phone or tablet, by multiple users, at any time, from any location where you can get online. And if you are going into a place where you can’t get online, don’t worry—you can work offline too! This ease of access helps standardize processes and ensures efficiency as compared to traditional paper-based or multiple spreadsheet systems and most importantly, it gives you quick access for quick action.

2. You Need To Know Your Value

When you know precise details of the assets you possess, such as facility location,  install dates, and replacement values, and even revenue risk(cost if you were to lose the asset)  you are able to obtain an accurate and comprehensive view of the total value of your facility. Combine that with the ability to generate robust, detailed reports and even visualize them in dashboards with visual analytics and you have a single platform to calculate, analyze, and decide—even when you are on the other side of the county, state, or country. More on that later.

3. Preventative Maintenance Becomes a Breeze.

Any old CMMS on the market will allow you to create and schedule Preventative Maintenance and asset inspections. And we all know that preventative maintenance improves the lifespan of your assets and ensures that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.  Where SMARTPRINT Technology creates a difference is that you have the precision of preventative maintenance tasks organized in a single efficient place—the palm of your hand. From any mobile device you can access your preventative maintenance work orders, know exactly where to go on a to-scale digital blueprint with all of your equipment mapped, know exactly what safety steps to take before beginning your work( electrical connectivity mapping, much ??!!!), and access any manuals, task lists, or special notes right there—because it’s all interconnected! Not only that, but you can also track material, vendor, and labor costs on the fly so they can be reported on later. The list goes on and on. You want this!

4. See Your Facilities. Away From Your Facilities. Far Away Even. (This is the long one)

As we mentioned earlier, you can be one room away or one continent away and still view your facilities in full accuracy with SMARTPRINT Technology. Let’s talk a little more about that. We’re gonna ramble a little here…

It never fails that catastrophe likes to strike when you’re gone from the facilities you work with—so you never REALLY feel like you left do you? Sleep, vacation, family gatherings, daughter’s piano recital… you’re secretly thinking in the back of your mind “What happens if something goes wrong while I’m not there?” That’s normal. We like to be needed. It’s part of being human.

Now, imagine that an emergency comes up while you are squeezed into your seat of the Elementary School Auditorium at your daughter’s piano recital. It’s a leak in the main lobby of your facilities. And its bad! Now, imagine that instead of that sick feeling of panic and helplessness from being so far away during this emergency, you could confidently execute the same type of critical decision making as you would onsite from right there on the screen of your smartphone.  SMARTPRINT Technology will give you that power!

Access to critical information like water valve shutoffs, electrical connectivity, air handling unit zones, etc. means that you  can access and share critical information with those in need from far away. The overnight clerk may be the only person in your facility when a major leak lets loose, but you can save the day (and countless dollars in damage) with a single screenshot from the SMARTPRINT drawings of your facility that you pulled up in the palm of your hand at your daughter’s piano recital. You were able to give the night clerk a detailed visual with a map to go shut off that valve and stop the damage in its tracks while you finish listening to your daughter’s first shaky performance of “Chopsticks.”  Bless her heart! You’ve never been prouder!

Sure, that’s an extreme circumstance and you’d still have to duck out to get onsite and get things quickly back to working order, but you were able to execute a critical money-saving– and potentially life-saving– decision quickly and discreetly. Hopefully for you, the real world example will just be something as simple as a circuit breaker that needs to be flipped back on, but you get the point.

Advancements in facility management technology are saving dollars and lives and empowering people to act confidently and quickly when it comes to managing their facilities. FacilityONE is trendsetter in the world of facilities management and our proprietary SMARTPRINT Technology can be a crucial component to your operations. Contact sales@facilityone.com to see how you can join the revolution and change the world of operations!