5 Ways a CMMS Can Address the Unique Regulatory Requirements of Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities are unique in that they have a complex layer of regulatory agencies and state bodies that govern their compliance rates.  Our customers have helped us identify 5 ways a CMMS can help your organization stay in compliance regardless of the regulatory body.      


  1. Be Prepared for Ever-Changing Oversight

The regulatory bodies from city, state, and federal continually increase their involvement and requirements.  Using your CMMS, organizations can ensure that staff are adhering to protocols with robust reporting.  With strong business intelligence tools, organizations can easily maintain OSHA, ASHE, and State Fire Code or Life Safety Compliance requirements.  In addition, users will be able to see data regarding staff performance, facility conditions, asset expenses, and more. 


  1. Ensure Quality is Consistent

It can be difficult to ensure quality is consistent with so many teams and personnel groups going across the organization.  However, a CMMS can assist with communication or coordination of people and tasks to complete repairs and other work orders. A CMMS means your organization can ensure nothing falls through the cracks and quality is consistent across the enterprise.  An added benefit is minimizing penalties and fines while increasing reimbursements.


  1. Document Floor and Site Plans

 Be sure to select a CMMS that allows for the storage of blueprints as well as the corresponding backgrounds and annotation layers that can help drive safety and compliance in your organization.  Locate emergency shut-offs, quickly trace electrical connectivity and safety systems to ensure the safety of your residents in the event of an emerging event or new construction.  With integration into your CMMS, your floor plans become even more powerful as it displays the assets in each room for quick identification and work order correction.


  1. Create PM Schedules for Sanitation and other Infection Prevention Measures

By creating PM’s you never miss any necessary sanitation. Use preventive maintenance schedules to complete periodic inspections of resident rooms, common areas, kitchens, boiler rooms, and much much more.  Ensure areas have been sanitized on a frequent schedule.  These PMs or Inspections can be set up to a specific frequency depending upon the requirement of your insurance company or regulatory agencies. Without regular PM Schedules, your organization is unlikely to be successful in its effort. 


  1. Lower Maintenance Costs

A key benefit of a CMMS is increased productivity, but it is important to note that an effective CMMS will also reduce the maintenance costs within the facility.  Using a CMMS, Skilled Nursing Facilities can track costs as well as assets.  This, along with the capital planning features or facilities condition assessment tools inside the solution, allow your organization to track, forecast, and plan for necessary purchases.  The goal is to stay within your budget! 



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