Why Choose Facilityone Technologies

Downtown Louisville, Kentucky

FacilityONE has an extensive service background.

 If you’re a Technician…
We understand:

  • Being on call
  • 2AM wake up calls
  • The panic moment during an emergency
  • The heartache of an asset that keeps malfunctioning
  • The pain in searching for lost documents & blueprints, miscommunication
  • Trying to diagnose reoccurring issues in electrical, plumbing and mechanical


We understand managerial pain points.

If you’re Management… 
We’ve been there:

  • Budget constraints
  • Labor costs
  • Labor efficiencies
  • Predicting & mitigating risk
  • Managing costs
  • Tracking performance
  • Searching for deficiencies
  • Planning for emergencies
  • Executing emergency response and reporting of emergency repairs
  • Incident reporting
  • Capital planning and data analytics