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Technology is advancing at warp speed, and CMMS is no different. As the 2020’s begin, there are amazing advancements in the world of asset maintenance and management every day. Here are just a few that are really stirring the pot.   Mobility and Accessibility Think
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Almost every job site has encountered it — you’re chugging along, everything is working fine, and suddenly you realize something seems…off. Why isn’t this electrical panel in the right place? Is that corner crooked? What is this HVAC vent doing here? Many of these building
FacilityONE Technologies is celebrating 20 years of providing facility operations management software and solutions. Louisville, KY Founded in 1999 by a group of engineers and facility managers, 2019 marks FacilityONE Technologies 20th year since coming to market with its first facility maintenance management solution. FacilityONE
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It’s no secret that visual asset management is key to efficient operations and is often part of any robust CMMS. But, not all software is created equally. Having the ability to have all the critical information about the assets and equipment in your facility and
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Business Intelligence(BI) is a trendy term that is circulating in the world of Facility Management Operations and CMMS products. But, just what does that entail and why do you need it?  Situational Awareness Imagine the ability to update situational awareness at a glance and view
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The solstice has arrived and for most of us the summer heat has long since moved in and made itself comfortable. If it’s not already, it will soon be the hottest time of the year wherever you are (in the Northern hemisphere at least!). Preventative
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Storms will hit whenever and wherever they want. While we can do all that we can to prepare, there is no predicting what the recovery will look like. But you CAN prepare for your recovery using a few simple processes and using a powerful CMMS–
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