Buildings In Bloom: How Facility Managers Are Preparing For Springtime

Spring is only a month away! What are facility managers doing to prepare for the change of season?

1) Get out and Walk Around!

If you don’t already walk your facilities, it’s never too late to start! This way you can easily catch small problems before they become big ones– not to mention you’ll be keeping an eye on the curb appeal of your facilities. Everything in between floors and doors to ceilings and lights can tell you a story of how your facility is doing. Take your time to look around and consider scheduling events like caulking, painting, and deep cleaning. Making time for quick Fire and safety inspection walks as well as ADA compliance checks can save you countless unscheduled headaches, too!

2) Go Toe-To-Toe With Your Floors!

In our last blog, we talked about how harsh Winter can be on your flooring. If you haven’t been keeping up through the seasons, now is the time to save your floors! Deep cleaning, stripping and waxing, adding protective coats, will all give your floors a longer life expectancy. And don’t neglect the carpets and rugs, either! Shampooing carpets regularly will help keep allergens and other unwanted spores from building up. A little TLC will keep you from adding Hay Fever to Spring Fever!

3) Spruce Up Your Bathroom Routine!

Aside from normal everyday cleaning, intervals of deep cleaning are an absolute necessity. Bacteria, dirt, and who knows what else have fought tooth and nail to shack up in the cracks and crevices of the bathroom environment. Give that grime an eviction notice! And beyond the most grody parts of the bathroom, make sure to pay attention to the condition of mirrors, caulking and sealing around sinks and counter tops, even ventilation. A pleasant bathroom works wonders for making impressions about your facilities.

4) Get Fresh With Your A/C!

Take advantage of the break in the weather. Plan a spring checklist to give your A/C systems some TLC so they are ready to work efficiently in the summer. Cleaning coils of any dirt and sludge buildup as well as changing filters will help clear out odors and allergens—which all take a toll on your cooling system over time and can equate to higher operating costs. And don’t forget to check your refrigerant levels.  Reactive maintenance to A/C problems isn’t fun for anybody. Taking advantage of the downtime will help ensure future uptime!

5) Flower Power! 

A landscaping makeover is sure to effectively welcome in the change of season. Facility managers can take advantage of seasonal flowers as part of your landscaping. Add some outside to your inside as well. See if you can bring some green inside and make a continuing impression to anyone who walks in or out of your buildings. Develop a plan with your grounds department or landscaping company and you can keep things beautiful all year long!