F1 INSIGHTS offers valuable business intelligence, giving organizations the tools to track, analyze, and predict a facility's risk, cost, and performance.

With F1 INSIGHTS, facility leaders and managers have access to eye-opening visual data, which highlights critical patterns that might otherwise be missed. When outliers in the asset and work order data are recognized, resources can be allocated more effectively.

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FacilityONE clients utilize F1 INSIGHTS to track data including work order completion by date or technician, asset performance, total cost of a work order, estimated equipment lifespans, and additional asset details. Monitoring team performance allows organizations to make quick and necessary changes.

F1 INSIGHTS improves outcomes with higher equipment uptime and better equipment performance. It also promotes compliance with more detailed information about preventive maintenance and inspections.


With F1 INSIGHTS, Managers and Technicians Can:

  • Enhanced Financials and Forecasting

  • Understanding of Long-Term Costs by Piece of Equipment or Overall Facility

  • Understanding of Where to Apply Budget Dollars

  • Accurately Predict and Extend Asset Lifespans

  • Proactive Approach Towards Maintenance and Equipment Replacements

  • Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns and Costly Repairs



Use Custom Dashboards and Reporting to Elevate Your Facility

F1 INSIGHTS provides visual data through dashboards and reports that can be customized to the informational needs and workflows of your facility.

FacilityONE clients utilize these standard dashboards to view, understand, and analyze important metrics for their facilities:

The F1 INSIGHTS Equipment Dashboard provides facility managers with detailed information pertaining to specific pieces of equipment.

Visual data shows how much time technicians are spending on each asset, how many assets there are within a facility or location, installation costs, replacement value, life expectancy, and current work orders open by manufacturer.

The F1 INSIGHTS Work Order Dashboard displays a variety of data points associated with a specific technician and date range.

Visual data is broken into three categories: CM, PM, and PE to show activity levels in relation to open activities, work order submissions, and facility categories.

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