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Ahhh, the leaves and temperatures are changing which can mean only one thing: Winter is coming.
Game of Thrones reference aside, winter preparations mean wood splitting, tuning up your furnace, filling up your oil tank and of course, checking those fire detectors! With colder temperatures looming, more and more emphasis is put on fire safety both in your home and in your own facility.
Below is a recent article from FacilitiesNet that outlines some new tech when it comes to fire safety at home and at work. It’s important to note that at FacilityONE our proprietary SMARTPRINT® floor plans are extremely helpful when it comes to fire prevention and planning. With our layered annotations, employees and maintenance crews alike can easily see where fire doors, smoke barriers and fire detection and suppression devises are located for quick and easy preventative and corrective maintenance. Give us a call today or schedule a live demo with one of our experts to see it in action.
Happy reading and may your hot coca “overfloweth” with marshmallows this winter!

FacilitiesNet article~
“Fire detection is reaching new, advanced levels, designed to help save more lives. Edwards, announced a multi-criteria smoke detector manufacturer to receive certification to the UL standard for Fire Alarm Systems UL 268, 7th edition, set to take effect May, 2020. The new Signature Optica smoke detectors utilize a next- generation sensor that better distinguishes the type of fire and the danger it creates, as well as reducing nuisance alarms. Edwards is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The significantly revised standard incorporates three new tests, including a new cooking nuisance alarm test and two polyurethane foam tests for smoldering and flaming fires. These new tests better represent the smoke profiles and behavior of modern building fires to help ensure next-generation sensors are designed to give building occupants enough time to evacuate safely. All UL-certified smoke detectors are required to meet the enhanced requirements in 2020, representing a major change in the life-safety industry.

The Edwards Signature Optica detectors will differentiate between truly threatening fast-flaming or smoldering fires and nuisances such as burning food or steam. The new detectors may also improve overall occupant safety, as commercial buildings typically contain furnishings comprised of synthetic materials such as polyurethane foam that are known to ignite and burn faster than traditional materials. This is a major advancement for commercial building operators, especially in hospitality, healthcare and other facilities that can be prone to nuisance alarms…Read the rest of the article from FacilitiesNET here: