It’s a BIG year for FacilityONE® Technologies.

FacilityONE Technologies is celebrating 20 years of providing facility operations management
software and solutions.

Louisville, KY

Founded in 1999 by a group of engineers and facility managers, 2019 marks FacilityONE Technologies 20th
year since coming to market with its first facility maintenance management solution. FacilityONE has since
developed a robust operations management platform. Throughout 2019 FacilityONE is looking forward to
rolling out more enhanced product offerings, industry partnerships, and an Open API. In combination with our
one of a kind SMARTPRINT® interactive floor plan technology, these will solidify our position at the
forefront of the EAM/CMMS industry. FacilityONE has built a legacy in the Enterprise Asset Management
(EAM) marketplace and offers a new visual data analytics platform, SMARTPRINT Alpha™.

In the late 1990s, the concept that evolved into FacilityONE began as a paper-based product designed to
manage a facilities electrical system assets. Thereafter, the company began to invest in the development, of a
then internet-based program, to support the management of all of a facilities utility systems infrastructure. In
1999 the company became incorporated as C2 Facility Solutions with their product becoming a Software as a
Service (SaaS) facilities asset management solution. A broader scope was introduced in 2007, when a robust
Work Order Management System was added to the solution supporting FacilityONE, becoming an industry
recognized Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
From 2007 to 2016 FacilityONE, through product development, along with customer growth and retention,
became a leading provider of CMMS for Healthcare and Real Estate, among other key markets. In late 2016
FacilityONE relaunched as FacilityONE® Technologies, LLC following its acquisition by RainMaker Capital
Funding. The Louisville, Kentucky-based facility asset management software company has leveraged the
resources available as one of Rainmaker’s portfolio companies to expand its reach in the healthcare and real-estate

FacilityONE is no longer a simple CMMS company but an enterprise operations platform built on the only
interactive and interconnected blueprint technology solution for facility operations. Since the acquisition, the
focus is on delivering the company’s core product, a blueprint-enhanced operations system – to the healthcare
and real-estate industries. FacilityONE’s solution has become the premier product in the Enterprise Asset
Management (EAM) marketplace. Their proprietary system allows clients to access critical information about
every physical asset, zone, mechanical and fire system in a facility. FacilityONE partners with their clients to
identify risks and KPI’s promoting increased client efficiency and cost reduction.
FacilityONE Delivers on It’s Core Mission “…committed to 5 Star Customer Service; delivering effortless
implementation with the world’s only Interconnected Blueprint Operations System, seamlessly.”

By The Numbers
99% retention, 100% usage.
100,000+ users in over 2,000 facilities.
Used in 43 states and 356 North American cities.
Customers saved more than 125,000 hours with our SMARTPRINT® technology over traditional CMMS
Saved clients over $100 million to date.

About FacilityONE® Technologies, LLC: Based in Louisville, Ky., FacilityONE® Technologies is the only
interconnected, interactive blueprint enhanced CMMS, with custom data analytics as a service (AaaS) in the
world. FacilityONE offers a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Computer-Aided
Facility Management (CAFM) and asset management solution. The system is enhanced by its proprietary
SMARTPRINT® technology, to support data aggregation, compliance and risk mitigation. Founded in 1999 by
a group of engineers and facility managers, FacilityONE has built a legacy in the Enterprise Asset management
(EAM) marketplace, by offering an operations solution that can easily integrate into the client’s existing
processes. FacilityONE is currently being utilized to organize and transform facility management, in millions of
square feet throughout North America, by 100,000+ users with a 99% retention rate. For more information,