SMARTPRINT Alpha™ is FacilityONE’s new Data Analytics & Visualization Platform.



FacilityONE® Technologies LLC Officially Launches Newest Product

SMARTPRINT Alpha™ is FacilityONE’s new Data Analytics & Visualization Platform.


Louisville, Kentucky: FacilityONE Technologies, LLC, which provides a cloud-based Facility Information Solution (FIS) that enhances a building’s functional and economic lifespan and boosts employee productivity, announced today the release of its new data analytics & visualization platform called SMARTPRINT Alpha™. Alpha provides Business Intelligence (BI) as a fully-managed Service allowing facility operators and mangers to convert raw data about their facility into defensible reports and charts that are designed to take advantage of the way the human eye processes visual data.


“We believe (SMARTPRINT Alpha) is unique because most of our competition has charting tools for users to create their own charts and that’s not what we’re doing at all,” says Dr. Robin Alston, CTO, FacilityONE “We are creating the charts for you automatically based on good design practices and our experts interviewing the customer to understand the processes and challenges that are important to them. We use information that’s in the system, information provided by customers to us and then automating the chart/report generation to provide the best picture for answering the questions at hand”. To help accomplish this FacilityONE partnered with Tableau, a leading business intelligence visualization company based in Seattle, Washington.

New and existing FacilityONE customers will be assigned a personal product manager who will help set up each customer’s analytics platform that can include the following information for example:

  • Drill down to identify deficiencies.
  • Identify risks.
  • Create and Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  • Identify the true cost to run customers facilities.
  • Labor optimization.
  • Life Safety & Joint Compliance reporting for health care facilities.
  • Portfolio analysis and more.

About FacilityONE® Technologies, LLC

Based in Louisville, Ky., FacilityONE® Technologies is the only interconnected, interactive blueprint enhanced CMMS, with custom data analytics as a service (AaaS) in the world. FacilityONE offers a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and asset management solution.  The system is enhanced by its proprietary SMARTPRINT® technology, to support data aggregation, compliance and risk mitigation. Founded in 1999 by a group of engineers and facility managers, FacilityONE has built a legacy in the Enterprise Asset management (EAM) marketplace, by offering an operations solution that can easily integrate into the client’s existing processes. FacilityONE is currently being utilized to organize and transform facility management, in millions of square feet throughout North America, by 100,000+ users with a 99% retention rate.