Using CMMS Technology To Enhance Safety In The Education Sector

In facilities management, safety is key. And it’s a given that the safety of our children, near and far, is always at the top of any priority list and we as a society are always looking for new and better ways to ensure that safety. Implementing a CMMS(Computerized Maintenance Management Software) has capabilities to both achieve sustained operational success and alleviate any unmet safety precautions, such as outdated facility layouts, infrastructural deficiencies and critical system awareness.

Here’s a few features of a CMMS that can help to enhance safety in the education sector:

  • Access to Critical Information

A powerful CMMS can provide schools and educational facilities with the information and data needed to seamlessly manage facility performance, risks, cost compliance and maintenance. FacilityONE offers a user-friendly platform with SMARTPRINT Technology , which provides an interactive, digital facility blueprint accessible both on- and offline and with access on all mobile devices. This enables school staff, facility managers and even first responders to have convenient access to critical facility information — at any time and at any location inside or outside of the facility.

  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Fire systems, alarm systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems. Think of all the equipment that goes into keeping a school running safely and efficiently. Utilizing a CMMS to create preventative maintenance schedules is crucial to ensuring the safety of students in every facility. Following scheduled procedures with preventative maintenance will also improve for capital planning and increase asset lifespan, leading to a sure return on investment in your facility equipment. But most importantly, it will help mitigate risk to the safety of students and faculty in an educational facility and maintain facility integrity. Additionally, risk management tasks are able to be scheduled, completed efficiently, and reported on in one place. 

  • Incident Reporting

Though designed for tracking and storing corrective maintenance work orders, some CMMS programs allow you the ability to store digital files attached to work orders. FacilityONE is one of those CMMS programs! The ability to attach photos and PDF files to any work order allows users the ability to store and track information in the event of a safety incident and store it in one easily accessible place. Additionally, a custom reporting platform will allow users the ability to look keenly at any particular issues over a given time period. This type of information gathering and storage is crucial for safety and liability concerns. 

  • Emergency Preparedness

In addition to maintaining and overseeing facility maintenance and management, a powerful CMMS also enables collaboration between the school and local first responders to support emergency preparedness. Specifically designed for this purpose, FacilityONE’s HAWK™ (Helping America Watch over its Kids) program provides strengthened safety precautions and enables access to critical facility information, enabling an impactful and rapid respond to potential emergency situations while achieving the highest level of safety for students and staff.

Applying CMMS technology to the education sector is one more proactive step towards improving safety in schools, and most importantly, the safety of our children.

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