Automate Facility Security

Create your event in F1 EVENTS and know with confidence that the facilities will be accessible when needed and locked down when not occupied.

This integration provides enhanced security to facility staff and guests while eliminating the need to manually lock and unlock doors. 

Automate Facility Security

Security Integration Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security and Safety

  • Reduced Labor Costs

  • Ongoing Technical Support

Event Management Made Easy

Product Brand

The F1 EVENTS software solution is a comprehensive tool for event management, from event requests and registration to billing and invoicing for facility rentals.

Optional add-ons for F1 EVENTS can help facilities enhance space optimization with HVAC, security, and digital sign integrations.

Additional Integrations


Utilize heating and cooling systems only when events take place, saving time and money.


Manage all of the digital signs across your facility from one location. 


Create free or paid tickets for private or public events and monitor registration activity.

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