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Improve Access

FacilityONE's interactive mapping solution, F1 MAPS, offers immediate access to assets, work orders, zones, and other critical information in your facility with the touch of a finger.  F1 MAPS can be conveniently accessed using a laptop, tablet or a smartphone using F1 TRAVELS.

Improve Productivity

By using F1 MAPS, technicians enhance communication and increase maintenance efficiency.  

Streamline your workflows by allowing technicians to easily view their work orders and asset data in the exact location.   With the ability to close a work order from its exact location you ensure data accuracy. 

Facility Managers can use F1 MAPS for immediate access to critical emergency information like zone and mechanical fire system data, allowing a plan of action to be swiftly executed.

Improve Decision Making

F1 MAPS are developed with crucial facility asset locations and information, creating a centralized and organized system for streamlined facility management for better decision-making. 

By easily viewing asset data your team has specific insights into which equipment may be in need of repair or out of warranty. 

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With F1 MAPS, Technicians and Facilities Managers Can:

  • View equipment and system locations and connections

  • Map and manage assets, zones, and systems

  • Attach photos, videos, instructions, and notes to assets

  • Track warranties and service contracts

  • Assign work orders directly to assets

  • Prioritize repairs and track progress

  • Remotely locate critical information
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FacilityONE proudly serves a diverse portfolio of clients, facilities, and technicians throughout the world. Founded in 1999, FacilityONE’s Solutions Suite, UNITY, offers anywhere, anytime remote access to a facility’s physical assets, work orders, zones, and critical systems. This easy and effective software enhances a building’s functionality, economic lifespan, and technician productivity, while easily integrating into existing programs and processes.