UNITY Solutions Suite

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Quickly access asset information with interactive visual mapping created from your facility’s blueprints or floor plans. Add layers to display important zones and routes.


Easily create, track, and manage corrective work orders and preventive maintenance, including scheduling, assigning, prioritizing, and monitoring progress to enhance productivity.

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Collect, store and track asset information in one centralized digital database, including preventive maintenance tasks, work orders, and critical information.


Extract and analyze valuable insights from your facility's data to help make more informed decisions, optimize assets and processes, and predict your facility’s risk, cost and performance.


Evaluate your facility's long-term needs, prioritize projects, and allocate resources to ensure effective capital utilization for growth, infrastructure, and sustainability.

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Unmatched service and support, which is both collaborative and consultative, ensuring that every FacilityONE client has immediate and long-term success leveraging the UNITY Solutions Suite to meet their unique objectives.

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Optimize facility space with enhanced public and private calendar management, including real-time conflict resolution, streamlined event workflows, invoicing, billing, and robust reporting.

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Manage your facility from anywhere. Every solution in the UNITY Suite is accessible to managers and technicians on mobile devices with internet, including smartphones and tablets.


Real-time notifications via email or text message update facility managers and technicians about critical information including when a work order is created, who it is assigned to, and when it is completed.

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Request work to be done or supplies to be delivered through a customized webpage that does not require credentials, saving time and increasing productivity.


The UNITY Solutions Suite features an Open API, allowing for easy integration with interfaces including but not limited to rounding solutions and building automation systems. Connecting multiple systems creates more a efficient and seamless experience.

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Upload or enter all necessary parts, which can be applied to open work orders. Inventory will automatically reduce, with reporting on low inventory levels.

Transform Fragmented Facility and Equipment Information into an Organized, Centralized, and Easily Accessible System.

“After a thorough search for a new CMMS platform, FacilityONE stood out as the product that served the needs of the Albany Med Health System. Overall, very satisfied,”

Briggs Montero, VP of Facilities
Albany Med Health System

“FacilityONE has been great to work with; the software is very easy to navigate, and client services always come up with a solution that works for our facility’s staff and residents.”

Ron Kraft, Support Service Director
Maple Lawn Nursing Home

“Atria has a great relationship with FacilityONE. Our commitment to delivering quality service and to being a great place to call home is our priority, and we are happy to partner with FacilityONE.”
Atria Bay Shore

Abby Figueroa, Senior Vice President of Functional Operations
Atria Senior Living

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