A Legacy of Software and Service Excellence

Software as a Service

How It All Began

The concept that evolved into today’s FacilityONE, began as a paper-based product designed to manage electrical system assets in facilities. That initial idea was developed into a product that could support the management of a facility’s entire utility systems infrastructure.

In 1999, the company became incorporated as C2 Facility Solutions, offering a Software as a Service (SaaS) product for facilities asset management. A broader scope was introduced in 2007 when a robust work order management system was added to the software solution, leading the company to become an industry-recognized CMMS.

FacilityONE Technologies

Excitement in 2016

Following an acquisition by RainMaker Capital Funding, the company relaunched as FacilityONE Technologies. This acquisition led to the growth and development of the SaaS product to meet and exceed client needs throughout the education, healthcare, senior living industries, and beyond.

FacilityONE is no longer a simple CMMS company but rather an enterprise operation platform built on the proprietary interactive and interconnected floor plan technology solution, F1 MAPS.

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Join the Team

FacilityONE is always looking for ambitious, energetic, and tech-savvy professionals. We are a flexible, remote-first software company looking to hire professionals that not only want to be part of a growing company but also want to have a direct impact on that growth and success.