The Executive Team

Pierre Harrison

Pierre Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

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Lynn O'Donnell

Chief Operating Officer

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Leslie Slepak

Vice President of
Client Services

The Management Team

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Lauren Dresselhaus

Client Support

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Client Relationship

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Marketing Manager

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Join the Team

FacilityONE is always looking for ambitious, energetic, and tech-savvy professionals. We are a flexible, remote-first software company looking to hire professionals that not only want to be part of a growing company but also want to have a direct impact on that growth and success.

A Bit About FacilityONE

FacilityONE was founded in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1999. The company is now headquartered out of Charlotte, North Carolina with employees working remotely throughout the United States.

We proudly serve a diverse portfolio of clients, facilities, and users throughout the world. FacilityONE’s Solutions Suite, offers anywhere, anytime remote access to a facility’s physical assets, zones, and critical systems. This easy and effective software enhances a building’s functionality, economic lifespan, and employee productivity, while easily integrating into existing programs and processes.

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