As infrastructure and facilities age, organizations must get the most out of every dollar to maintain optimal performance.

With F1 FORECASTS, capital planning data is collected and stored so it can be easily accessed and effectively used. This data includes asset history, labor costs, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and asset replacement values.

Capital Expenditure

Assess and Prioritize Your Organization's Needs

F1 FORECASTS uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze these large data sets quickly, providing valuable insights that can reduce planning time and improve accuracy in forecasting budgets.

Understanding priority dollars quickly helps organizations keep equipment up and running while anticipating replacements so there are no surprises or unplanned downtime.

Capital Expenditure (1)

F1 FORECASTS Provides Benefits Including:

  • Enhanced Financials and Forecasting

  • Track Facilities Conditions Assessment

  • Understanding of Where to Apply Budget Dollars

  • Accurately Predict and Extend Asset Lifespans

  • Proactive Approach Towards Maintenance and Equipment Replacements

  • Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns and Costly Repairs

  • Understanding of Long-Term Costs by Piece of Equipment or Overall Facility



Capital Planning

Utilize Detailed Reports to Enhance Your Facility

Raising money for capital projects is challenging, but using analytics tools like F1 FORECASTS can provide an educated look into the future and help guide critical decisions.

F1 FORECASTS provides intuitive visual capital planning reports that can be used by facilities to plan more effectively for the upcoming weeks, months, and years.

Equipment Dashboard

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