F1 EVENTS - Color

Are you spending way too much time dealing with double bookings, missed communications, and misused space?

The F1 EVENTS software solution is a comprehensive tool for event management, from event requests and registration to billing and invoicing for facility rentals.

Optional add-ons for F1 EVENTS can help facilities enhance space optimization with HVAC, security, and digital sign integrations. 


With F1 EVENTS, Users Can:

  • Streamline event workflows

  • Automate real-time conflict detection to avoid double-bookings

  • Coordinate billing and invoicing

  • Use custom forms to collect and organize event information

  • Manage private and public calendars

  • Utilize inventory resources to avoid over-committing supplies

  • Save time and costs by automating building components through additional integrations

  • Use reports to stay organized and plan for the future with insights about facility usage, setup/teardown procedures, and more



F1 EVENTS Features

Event Manager Features

Available Integrations

Enhance your F1 EVENTS solution by adding these integrations to help you better manage facility assets and execute events.


Utilize heating and cooling systems only when events take place, saving time and money.


Know that facilities will be accessible for events but locked down when not occupied.


Create free or paid tickets for private or public events and monitor registration activity.


Manage all of the digital signs across your facility from one location. 

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