4 Advantages of Mobile Facility Management Software

When you think about facility management software, do you think about updating tasks from your desk? Or do you think about snapping pictures, adding notes, and completing work orders on the go?

As an alternative to traditional desktop computer-based programs, mobile facility management software offers many advantages to technicians, managers, directors, and entire organizations, here are four great examples:


This advantage might be obvious, but it can’t be understated. Mobile facility management software allows technicians quick and easy access to equipment information, work orders, assigned tasks, and more on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone no matter where they are, onsite or offsite.


If a technician waits until they return to their desk to input notes from a recent work order, there’s plenty of time for important details to be forgotten. A mobile system increases the accuracy of information and situations by allowing technicians to input critical information immediately at the site of the equipment or problem.

Easy Uploads

Sometimes it’s much easier to use a photo or video to document a problem than to try to describe it in a few sentences. Being able to take pictures or videos and upload them directly to an equipment device card or work order is a huge advantage of mobile facility management. This feature can help provide a better understanding of a situation as well as ensure the right response.

Real-Time Updates

With a mobile system, technicians can receive alerts via email or text message, perform the assigned task, and complete all the necessary paperwork without ever returning to their office and sitting at their desks. For facilities with multiple locations, buildings, and floors, this can save technicians a significant amount of time and increase productivity.

From rooftops to basements and everywhere in between, mobile facility management software goes wherever your technicians need to be, providing a wide array of advantages along the way.


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