Facility Management Software Onboarding: 4 Tips for Success

You’ve done the research, recognize the benefits, and decided to purchase a facility management software system – but now what?

The next step is onboarding, which is the process of integrating the facility management software system into your organization and familiarizing organizational members with its products and services. While onboarding will be different for every organization, this quick guide can provide helpful insights into the most important parts of onboarding, making it as successful as possible.

Define the Scope of Onboarding

Defining the scope of facility management software onboarding refers to how many individuals or teams within your organization will use the system. If only technicians in one department will have access to the software, the scope is narrow. On the other hand, if executives, avengers, technicians, and staff members will utilize it, the scope is very broad. Determining the scope of onboarding is crucial because it impacts the length and complexity of onboarding.

Prepare Data for Transfer

Data transfer is a huge piece of onboarding. This can include translating or uploading spreadsheets or databases into the new software system as well as defining workflows and setting up new processes. Data that is clean and standardized is much easier to transfer, avoiding delays or misunderstandings during the onboarding process.

Take Advantage of Training and Support

Members of the organization that will be using the facility management software system need training to properly understand the software and successfully adopt it for everyday use. Taking advantage of training and support from the software provider is a great way to ensure that users are fully trained, and have their questions answered, and concerns addressed.

Strive for Consistent Improvement

Continual improvement throughout the lifespan of the software system is the best way to get the full benefits of its products and services. As new needs arise, teams can adopt new functionalities to keep processes organized and streamlined. A robust facility management software program can grow with an organization, offering centralized support.

The Importance of Successful Onboarding 

Successfully onboarding a facility management software system will increase adoption, efficiency, productivity, and long-term cost savings. Approaching the onboarding process deliberately and well-prepared is the best way to get started and create sustainable workflows that benefit the entire organization.

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