Addressing Unique Regulations with Facility Management Software

All different types of facilities have complex layers of regulatory agencies and state bodies that govern their compliance rates. Our current clients have helped us identify five ways that facility management software can help facilities stay compliant regardless of the regulatory body that monitors their activities.

By utilizing facility management software, organizations can:

Be Better Prepared for Changes in Oversight

City, state, and federal regulatory agencies continually increase their involvement and adjust requirements. With strong business intelligence tools built into their facility management software system, organizations can easily maintain OSHA, ASHE, and State Fire Code or Life Safety Compliance requirements. In addition, users will be able to see data regarding staff performance, facility conditions, asset expenses, and more.

Ensure Consistent Quality

It can be difficult to ensure that work quality is consistent with so many teams and departments throughout an organization. However, facility management software can assist with the communication and coordination between people and work orders to complete tasks and repairs. This type of software system helps make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that quality is always consistent.

Accurately Document Floor Plans

A facility management software program with digital blueprints, sitemaps, and floor plans offers centralized important information, which can drive safety and compliance. For example, an interactive floor plan allows emergency shut-offs to be documented, displayed, and then located quickly in an emergency situation.

Accurately Create PM Schedules to Support Clean Environments

Preventive maintenance schedules can be used to complete periodic inspections of resident rooms, common areas, kitchens, boiler rooms, and more. The streamlined process will ensure areas are sanitized on a frequent schedule.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

An effective facility management software system will also reduce maintenance costs within the facility. This system allows for more streamlined and productive preventative maintenance and work order management. The ability to track activities, assets, and costs can help an organization stay within budget.

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