How Facility Management Software Improves Security

A facility management software system is a robust software program that helps manage the facilities that exist at the core of an organization. This software program integrates people, places, and processes throughout the facility to improve operations, maintenance, productivity, and even security.

Here are five examples of how a facility management software system can improve security at a facility:

User Authentication

All facility management systems require usernames and passwords for an individual to log in. Many systems also have automatic logout after a certain amount of time, preventing unwanted individuals from getting access to critical facility information.

Role-Based Access

Within a facility management software system, specific actions can be restricted to only selected team members. For example, it increases safety to only have pre-determined admins in the system be able to adjust time clocks, edit asset profiles or make a word order complete. This protects the organization from accidental or intentional manipulation.

Data Security

A significant amount of data is collected, stored, and shared within a facility management software system. Strict security measures within and outside of the software program allow organizations to confidently use data without worrying about hacking or leaks.

Quicker Recovery

Natural disasters are always a concern for facility management teams, as they can unexpectedly take critical systems offline. A software system will be able to provide crucial facility information quickly and easily to get an organization back up and running as fast as possible, maintaining facility security.

Site Security

Facility management software also helps make buildings safer and more secure by reducing unsafe conditions. For example, a streamlined repair process ensures problems that could lead to a breach in security, for example, a broken window or damaged door lock, are addressed quickly and correctly.

While facility management software organizes and streamlines maintenance and operational processes, it also enhances security for an organization. These are just a few examples of how security improves when using a facility management software system, but there are definitely more beyond this list!

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