FacilityONE Expands into the Senior Living Industry

Atria Bay Shore-1Charlotte, North Carolina, March 28, 2023 – FacilityONE, the facility management solutions provider, announces its expansion into the senior living industry.

FacilityONE has a loyal client base within the education and healthcare industries, with increasing interest coming from organizations within the senior living space including skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care, and continuing care facilities. Embracing and expanding into the senior living community is a natural next step as FacilityONE continues to grow.

“With SMARTPRINTS, senior living facilities of all sizes can organize and transform their facilities management programs,” commented FacilityONE CEO, Pierre Harrison, “Our team has experience serving this industry, including notable multi-brand senior living provider, Atria Management Company. With that success in our client portfolio, we are excited to expand further into the industry and help more organizations in the senior living community.”

FacilityONE’s web-based SMARTPRINTS software utilized in a senior living facility can automate key asset management activities including preventative and corrective maintenance. It extends equipment life, reduces capital expenditures, and minimizes both equipment downtime and repair costs. The software’s functionality and support can reduce labor and overtime costs while increasing the productivity of employees by up to 60%.

“Atria operates communities across the U.S. and Canada, and we have a great relationship with FacilityONE,” Abby Figueroa, Senior Vice President of Functional Operations at Atria, said. “Our commitment to delivering quality service and to being a great place to call home is our priority, and we are happy to partner with FacilityONE.”

About FacilityONE
Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, FacilityONE proudly serves a diverse portfolio of clients, facilities, and users throughout the world. Founded in 1999, FacilityONE’s proprietary software systems, UNITY and SMARTPRINTS, offer anywhere, anytime remote access to a facility’s physical assets, zones, and critical systems. This easy and effective software enhances a building’s functionality, economic lifespan, and employee productivity, while easily integrating into existing programs and processes.

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