The Power of Historical Data in Hospitality Facilities

Historical data matters for many facets of an organization, and facility management is no exception. Historical data can provide valuable insights and inform decision-making for facility management teams in the hospitality industry. Specifically, here are six examples of how maintenance management teams in hotels, casinos, and event venues can use historical data:

1. Knowledge Transfer

In the hospitality industry, historical data collected through years and years of facility management preserves institutional knowledge. When employees leave, or new team members join, access to this historical data ensures that past experiences and decisions are not lost.

2. Trend Analysis

Historical data allows teams to identify trends and patterns with equipment and systems over time.

3. Decision-Making

Historical data provides a foundation for making informed choices when it comes to decisions like budgeting and capital planning.

4. Performance Evaluation

In hospitality, historical facility management data can be used to assess equipment performance, processes, and systems.

5. Resource Allocation

Hotels, casinos, and event venues can use historical data to allocate facility management resources efficiently.

6. Continuous Improvement

Historical data enables hospitality facilities to track staff performance metrics and identify areas for improvement.

A facility management software system is an excellent resource for collecting, saving, and sharing historical data. It can transform facility data into visual analytics, making trends easier to spot and finding improvement opportunities more straightforward. This system can bridge the past and the present with impactful data to help the entire organization.


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