5 Ways to Improve Work Order Management in Your Hotel or Casino

For facilities operating in the hospitality industry, for example, hotels and casinos, work order management is an essential piece of overall facility management. Work order management needs to be effective and efficient to enhance operations. 

Facility management teams in hotels and casinos depend on work orders to record and address problems, from quick fixes to major repairs. Here are five ways that facility managers can improve work order management:

  1. Adopt a Digital Work Order System - Transition from a paper-based to a digital work order system. A robust hotel facility management software system can include and improve work order management. These software systems streamline the work order processes, reduce errors, and provide real-time updates to facility managers and technicians.

  2. Ensure Mobile Accessibility - Make sure that transitioning to a digital system is also mobile-friendly. This allows facility managers and technicians to access and update work orders on the go instead of being tied to a desktop computer or workstation. Mobility can improve communication and reduce response times.

  3. Leverage Automation - Within a work order management software system, automation can schedule preventive maintenance, assign tasks, or notify work order status changes. Automation helps to keep team productivity at a high level and ensures that all team members at the hotel or casino can act promptly when necessary.

  4. Utilize Data Analytics for Improvement - Take advantage of the data analytics tools in the facility management software system to analyze work order data like work orders created, the average time to close a work order, and individual team member productivity. Data analytics can also Identify trends, areas for improvement, and potential process bottlenecks.

  5. Standardized Processes - Leverage the facility management software system to establish standardized processes for creating, assigning, and completing work orders. Consistency reduces confusion among facility management team members and ensures that everyone using the system in your hotel or casino follows the same procedures.

Every hotel, casino, and hospitality facility is different, with unique challenges regarding work order management. These strategies can be customized best to fit your team, workflows, and organization. Executing these five strategies can significantly improve work order management at your facility, resulting in quicker response times by team members, increased productivity, and overall better efficiency of the facility management team.