Handling Employee Turnover with Facility Management Software

A facility management software system can be a valuable tool for handling technician turnover in senior living facilities by streamlining processes, ensuring knowledge transfer, and maintaining continuity in operations. Here are several examples of how a facility management software system can be utilized during periods of turnover:

Centralized Documentation
The facility management software system is a centralized repository with comprehensive documentation of standard operating procedures, equipment information, and facility workflows. New hires with access to the software can get up to speed more quickly. 

Training Modules
New hires can use training modules provided by the software vendor to familiarize themselves with the system, processes, and specific facility requirements. This training should also cover essential skills and knowledge required for technicians in the senior living facility.

Task Assignment and Tracking
Task assignment and a tracking system within the facility management software help to manage work orders and projects efficiently. When a technician leaves, this helps redistribute tasks quickly, ensuring there is no disruption in service. 

Workflow Automation
A facility management software system can automate routine and repetitive tasks. This reduces the reliance on specific individuals, helps maintain consistency, and reduces the impact of turnover on day-to-day operations.

Technician Permissions and Access Control
System permissions and access control features can restrict or grant access to specific information based on roles. This helps protect sensitive data while allowing new technicians access to the information they need.

By leveraging these features and strategies, a facility management software system utilized in a senior living facility can significantly minimize the impact of technician turnover on operations and maintain efficiency within the community.