Work Order Management Best Practices

Work order management is a critical piece of facility management in all industries. Managing work orders efficiently is crucial for smooth operations. Here are some best practices to help you and your facility management team manage work orders more effectively:

Utilize a Facility Management Software System
Implement a facility management software system, including work order management, to streamline processes and workflows while reducing paperwork. Ensure your chosen approach allows for quick and easy creation, organization, tracking, updating, and reporting on work orders.

Automate Routine Tasks 
Whenever possible, set up automation for routine tasks related to work orders. For example, assignment, notification, and status updates can be automatic to save time and reduce errors. Using automation to trigger reminders and follow-ups for pending work orders is also a good idea. 

Prioritize and Categorize Work Orders
Establish a transparent prioritization system for work orders based on urgency and importance. This helps technicians manage tasks better and enhance productivity. Work orders can also be categorized by type or department for better overall organization within the facility management system. 

Assign Responsibilities Clearly
For work order management systems to function effectively, it’s a best practice to clearly define roles and responsibilities for each facility management team member involved in the work order process. Keep the team on track by ensuring accountability for each stage of the work order lifecycle.

Leverage Analytics and Reporting
Take advantage of analytics tools within a facility management software system to track key performance indicators related to work order management. Generate reports regularly to identify productivity trends, workflow bottlenecks, and areas for improvement.

You can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness by implementing these best practices for work order management systems. A facility management software system allows facilities to automate tasks, prioritize and categorize work orders, and leverage analytics and reporting. With a software system and clear responsibilities, your facility management team will have the resources it needs to excel at work order management.