FacilityONE Announces UNITY Solutions Suite


Charlotte, North Carolina, February 20, 2024 - FacilityONE, the facilities management solutions provider, is excited to announce the UNITY Solutions Suite, a collection of simple yet powerful software solutions that serve the needs of facility management departments from interactive maps and work orders to analytics and planning.

“With the UNITY Solutions Suite, FacilityONE clients across industries can customize and optimize their facilities management software solutions. Products in the suite can be utilized as standalone solutions or collaboratively to create an integrated, holistic approach to enhanced facilities management,” commented FacilityONE CEO, Pierre Harrison.

The UNITY Solutions Suite’s core components include:

  • F1 MAPS: Interactive Mapping with Annotation Layers and Equipment Cards
  • F1 ASSETS: Store and Track Critical Asset Information
  • F1 WORKS: Work Order Management with Scheduling, Prioritizing, Tracking, and Analysis
  • F1 INSIGHTS: Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Decision-Making and Optimization
  • F1 FORECASTS: Effective Capital Utilization for Growth, Infrastructure and Sustainability
  • F1 SUCCESS: Service and Support that goes Above and Beyond to Ensure Client Success

In addition to these products, clients can take advantage of F1 ALERTS for real-time notifications via email or text message, F1 TRAVELS for mobile access to solutions via laptop, tablet, and smartphone, F1 REQUESTS for instantly requesting work to be done or supplies to be delivered via a non-login page, F1 PARTS for inventory management, F1 EVENTS for scheduling, managing and reporting on events, and F1 CONNECTS for integrations with other organizational systems.

Business Intelligence (1)The UNITY Solutions Suite brings a variety of benefits to current and future FacilityONE clients, for example, improved productivity, more efficient and effective facilities management, and cost savings to the organization as a whole.

About FacilityONE
Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, FacilityONE proudly serves a diverse portfolio of clients, facilities, and technicians throughout the world. FacilityONE partners with clients to provide simple facilities management solutions, including interactive maps, that feature instant access to facility data, workflows, and analytics. The easy and effective solutions provided by FacilityONE enhance a building’s functionality, economic lifespan, and employee productivity, while easily integrating into existing programs and processes.

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