FacilityONE Welcomes Municipal Client, City of Chicopee, Massachusetts

City of ChicopeeCharlotte, North Carolina, June 20, 2023 – FacilityONE is pleased to announce its newest municipal client, the City of Chicopee, Massachusetts. FacilityONE will provide the city with a full suite of facility management solutions including the UNITY software system with SMARTPRINTS.

“FacilityONE will be instrumental in rebuilding the City Facilities Department and creating efficiencies to increase productivity and provide less downtime to properties and equipment throughout the city. We are excited to start utilizing this software,” says City of Chicopee Facilities Director, Dave Rice.

FacilityONE makes onboarding easy, first by transforming existing blueprints and drawings into digital, interactive floor plans called SMARTPRINTS. Then, an onsite equipment mapping team canvasses all buildings to document assets and take pictures.

For the City of Chicopee, these buildings included the city hall, library, senior center, and public safety building, which is home to the Chicopee police and fire departments. A total of 324 assets were recorded, and more than 800 pictures were taken to help collect equipment locations and critical information.

From there, equipment locations are mapped precisely in SMARTPRINTS, and critical information like warranties and instructions can be attached to each asset. This will help with the city’s preventative maintenance schedules, major repairs, and invoice tracking. Specifically, the SMARTPRINTS feature will allow staff to go between properties and find equipment or units more quickly and easily. The system will also serve as the centralized location for staff to input work orders and get real-time updates for ongoing projects.

“Comprehensive onboarding sets up the City of Chicopee for great success with the FacilityONE software programs,” commented FacilityONE’s Manager of Onboarding, Kellie Rohe, “Utilizing this facility management software system will reduce equipment downtime, enhance equipment and employee efficiency as well as save money for the city and its residents.”

About FacilityONE
Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, FacilityONE proudly serves a diverse portfolio of clients, facilities, and users throughout the world. Founded in 1999, FacilityONE’s proprietary software systems, UNITY and SMARTPRINTS, offer anywhere, anytime remote access to a facility’s physical assets, zones, and critical systems. This easy and effective software enhances a building’s functionality, economic lifespan, and employee productivity, while easily integrating into existing programs and processes.

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