Article Feature: CMMS Software Makers Stress Smart Connectivity

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Health Facilities Management Magazine, October 31, 2023 -  Improvements in computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software for hospitals and other health care facilities include deep data analysis, improved data security, and connections to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Additionally, the latest generation of CMMS software is represented by cloud-based solutions with benefits that include quick implementation, easy upgrades and data security. These systems incorporate mobile-based applications to reduce the need for documentation and provide technicians with real-time access to their work via instant notifications.

More hospitals also are utilizing CMMS software to facilitate preventive maintenance planning, history monitoring and workflow automation to improve the dependability and availability of critical equipment.

FacilityONE, Charlotte, N.C., recently added two new modules to its CMMS software solution. The first, supply request, makes it easy for staff to communicate what, how many and where they need supplies or assistance. On a computer, tablet or smartphone, they can use a point-and-click webpage to send requests that are routed to a distribution point. This module replaces traditional processes, such as looking up codes or scrolling through drop-down menus.

The second module, capital planning, leverages a single source of truth to provide accurate projections of deferred maintenance costs and the need for future capital. “By adding capital planning data fields into the core application and presenting the results in an executive portal, this module delivers actionable data that makes it easier to prioritize planning decisions,” says Lynn O’Donnell, chief operating officer.

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