Most Common Healthcare Facility Management Reports & Dashboards

By onboarding and utilizing the UNITY Solutions Suite, FacilityONE clients in the healthcare industry can track, analyze, and predict their facility's risk, cost, and performance. Within UNITY, facility leaders and managers can access eye-opening visual data, highlighting critical patterns that might be missed. Network and hospital resources can be allocated more effectively when asset and work order data outliers are recognized.

Visual data is available through dashboards and reports customized to each healthcare facility's informational needs and workflows. For example, FacilityONE clients in hospitals and healthcare systems utilize these standard dashboards and reports to view, understand, and analyze important metrics for their facilities:

Equipment Dashboard
This comprehensive dashboard provides facility managers with detailed information about specific pieces of equipment. Graphs and charts show how much time technicians spend on each piece of equipment, how many pieces are within a facility or location, installation costs, replacement value, life expectancy, and current work orders open by the manufacturer.

PM Compliance Dashboard
This dashboard, developed to focus on ongoing compliance, highlights the equipment within an organization that needs PMs. The dashboard can be broken down by facility so facility managers can see how compliant each facility is individually. 

Work Order Dashboard
This tailored dashboard displays a variety of data points associated with a specific technician and date range. The data is broken into three categories, CM, PM, and PE, to show activity levels concerning open activities, work order submissions, and facility categories.

Aging Report
This report, designed to ensure compliance with industry regulations, tracks work orders that have aged more than 30 days. With this report, facility managers and technicians can ensure that the facility management team's performance is appropriate at all facility locations. 

Capital Planning Report
Many FacilityONE clients utilize this report to understand when equipment is projected to stop working and must be replaced throughout the facility. Based on these timelines and anticipated replacement costs, the report shows how much money an organization might need to spend to keep operations running smoothly.

Small and large facilities operating within the healthcare industry can use these dashboards and reports as part of the UNITY Solutions Suite. Additional benefits to clients taking advantage of these insights include:

  • Enhanced financial and forecasting
  • Understanding of long-term costs by a piece of equipment or overall facility
  • Accurately predict and extend equipment lifespans
  • Knowledge of where to apply budget dollars
  • Proactive approach towards maintenance and equipment replacements
  • Reduce unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs

FacilityONE serves a wide array of healthcare clients throughout the United States. With dashboards and reports, these clients experience benefits beyond streamlined operations and increased productivity. They also provide better patient experiences with more comprehensive insights into their operations.