4 Benefits of Onsite Equipment Mapping for Your Hospitality Facility

Onsite Equipment Mapping is a fundamental part of FacilityONE’s onboarding process, especially for facilities in the hospitality industry. After your blueprints and/or floor plans have been transformed into F1 MAPS interactive maps, our Onsite Equipment Mapping team can come onsite to photograph assets and collect critical equipment information. 

While onsite, the team will canvas all levels of each building, including basements and roofs, to take pictures of each piece of equipment, including but not limited to, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Critical equipment information like model and serial numbers is also collected by the team.

Choosing to have the Onsite Equipment Mapping team come to your hospitality facility during the onboarding process provides significant benefits, including:

Improved Accuracy of Equipment Locations and Information
Onsite Equipment Mapping takes the guesswork out of equipment locations and information. The FacilityONE team canvases entire facilities and maps equipment locations in F1 MAPS to their exact place. This way, new and veteran facility management team members can always know exactly where assets are and have quick access to related information. 

Increased Knowledge of Onsite Equipment Inventory
With every piece of equipment accurately photographed and mapped in F1 MAPS, your facility management team will have enhanced knowledge of equipment inventory. Managers and technicians can quickly and easily see what types of assets, how many, and where they are onsite, as well as check associated work orders and warranties.

Ability to Easily Share Facility Information with New Team Members
When new employees join your facility management team, they will have quick access to all the equipment and information they need to do their jobs effectively. Instead of having to rely on other team members to share important information verbally, they can use the UNITY Solutions Suite and F1 MAPS as learning tools and instant on-the-job resources.

Quicker Emergency Response Times
You never know when an emergency is going to happen. For example, during an unexpected power outage, your facility management team needs to be able to locate and access information about specific pieces of equipment. Accurate equipment information can increase the speed at which an informed action plan can be executed. 

As onboarding experts with experience in the hospitality industry, FacilityONE's Onsite Equipment Mapping team can canvas, photograph, and document approximately 100,000 square feet of assets and equipment per day. Leveraging this onboarding service, in addition to F1 MAPS interactive maps, provides facility management teams with a very powerful tool that brings along the four benefits above and more.