Blueprint Management: The Power of Facilities Management Software

One overlooked aspect of facilities management in the hospitality industry is the storage and accessibility of blueprints and floor plans. These vital documents were traditionally stored in bulky physical files, making retrieval time-consuming and inefficient. However, the game has improved with facilities management software systems now available for the industry.

Gone are the days of digging through cabinets and shelves to find the correct blueprints or floor plans. A facilities management software system provides a centralized digital repository for storing and organizing blueprints and floor plans. This shift from physical to digital saves physical space and enhances accessibility and security.

Easy Retrieval
One of the primary advantages of using facilities management software for blueprint storage is the ease of retrieval. In a few clicks, facility managers and technicians can access the entire library of blueprints, eliminating the need for manual searching. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors associated with misplacement or loss of physical documents.

Better Organization
Blueprint and floor plan storage in a facilities management software system also allows for efficient organization. Facilities management software often has robust indexing features, enabling users to assign titles and categories to each blueprint. Whether by building or floor, this level of organization ensures that finding the proper blueprint is a breeze, even in large-scale facilities with multiple buildings and complex layouts.

Enhancement Opportunities
In a facilities management software system like FacilityONE's UNITY Solutions Suite, the F1 MAPS program allows layers to be added to digital blueprints and floor plans. For example, a hotel's floor plan can be enhanced with a layer showing evacuation routes or AHU zones.   

Improved Security
Traditional physical storage methods are vulnerable to theft, damage, or misplacement. In contrast, facilities management software systems provide a secure and encrypted environment for storing blueprints. Access controls can be implemented to restrict viewing and editing permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel can interact with these critical documents.

Team Collaboration
Facility management team members, regardless of their physical location, can access the same set of blueprints or floor plans in real-time. This creates seamless communication and collaboration for facility management tasks and responsibilities. 

As technology evolves, the benefits of adopting facilities management software for blueprint and floor plan storage become increasingly apparent. It's not just a matter of convenience; it's about efficiency, security, and future-proofing your facility management processes. Embracing the digital era through facilities management software is undoubtedly the best way for hospitality facilities looking to stay ahead in a fast-paced and competitive environment.