5 Ways to Improve Your Maintenance Team's Productivity

Inefficiencies in facility management can cost your team a significant amount of time, energy, and money. On the other hand, improved productivity of your maintenance team only stands to benefit your department and the entire organization. Here are five ways to improve the productivity of your facility’s maintenance team:

Set and Communicate Specific Expectations

Specific expectations that are clearly communicated are crucial to increased and consistent productivity from any team. If expectations about job processes and performance aren’t clear, members of your team might struggle to figure out what they’re supposed to be doing or how it’s supposed to be done.

A clear list of tasks and an established process for how to proceed makes it easy for team members to stay on task, complete tasks correctly and move forward confidently after each task is finished.

Prioritize Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding large problems that take a lot of resources from your team. Having a preventative maintenance program allows your team to monitor and manage maintenance tasks in order to optimize technician schedules and prevent unexpected breakdowns — as well as the costly, time-consuming repairs that come with them.

Leverage Facility Management Software

Facility management software provides your team with a range of functionalities to streamline workflows, automate processes, and keep tasks organized and on time. Facility management software reduces equipment downtime by promoting and organizing preventative maintenance schedules, offering work order management features, and more.

Automate Work Order Processes

Another way to increase productivity is to automate as much as possible in relation to work order management processes. Transforming manual processes into automated tasks saves time, keeps the process organized, and creates a better workflow for the entire team. Features like auto-assignment and time tracking keep things moving in the right direction.

Make Facility Management Mobile

If your team is mobile, moving between buildings and tasks all day, your facility management workflows should be too. A stationary computer used to track, update, and complete tasks is inefficient and ineffective. As an alternative, a mobile platform allows your team the same work order access and functionalities, but wherever they are, right at their fingertips.


A productive maintenance team offers a wide array of benefits to your organization including faster and better work order management, decreased downtime of crucial equipment, and reduced operational costs. In addition, productive teams are more engaged, motivated, and collaborative!

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